Changing regulations, tax reforms, modernization laws and constant new requirements of your lenders and business partners. Put it this way: It’s not going to get easier for you as an entrepreneur or for your partners in the future!


In order not just to meet the legal, fiscal, economic as well as ever increasing international demands, but to find the perfect solution for your business, you have to rely on a network of specialized consultants.

With KSW Group, you benefit from a custom tailored and complete all-around solution to fit your specific needs. Your personal advisor is in charge of your business and recommends and coordinates the experts and services that you need, just when they are needed.

Tax consultancy is the core competency of KSW Group. Our tax professionals advise companies and freelancers from all sectors on tax aspects; of course also in English.

Only if you know the numbers of your business, are you in a position to recognize situational changes early and act accordingly. This requires introduction of a structured and transparent accounting solution. We support you in design and implementation of such, among other things by introducing our “Business Online”-solution – a web-based platform for document and data exchange in financial and payroll accounting between us as accountants and your company.